I just watched the video How Deep Is Your Love music video which was released on 6th August and directly went ‘OMG, isn’t it Gigi Hadid?’

As we all know Gigi Hadid is one Taylor Swift’s best friends -> Taylor and Calvin are like the hottest couple this year and this may attract people to watch the video somehow.

Or maybe it’s not the relation details…

Of course the song itself is a hit with almost 10 millions view of the audio in 2 weeks and #3 position on UK Dance chart.

Other probable reason is that Gigi Hadid looks completely stunning in the video. I’ve read the comments only to see the viewers saying how hot she looks.


Other commenters are kind of annoyed by how Gigi touches her hair almost the whole time in the video because honestly they think Gigi could’ve done better than only tousling hair.

So, what do you think about the video. Watch here and now!

Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love:

silvia m.


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