Another Youngster With Talent: filous

Only 18 years old and has produced exceptional music, lemme introduce you to  filous. This guy from Vienna is another example of ‘music can be learned whenever wherever.’ A source said that he learned to play more than 10 instruments using tutorials on YouTube.


is he good looking?
I HAVE NO IDEA. He keeps his real identity a secret.

what about his real name?
Once, he posted a picture on his Instagram account with a caption saying his real name is Matthias.

I think it’s an interesting advantage for him. By keeping his identity a mystery, he’s able to keep his personal and professional lives separate. And that’s the point: It’s about the music, not the face or personal life and crap.

Talking ’bout music, filous has remixed some songs and turned them into the sound of paradise, the sound of chill time.

His music type is mostly calm and simple yet addictive. No, they’re not lullabies. The beat is just what you need to make you bob your head back and forth during your spare time. GO check ’em out on Soundcloud and fall in love!

Not convinced yet? Fine. Just hit play, babe.

RAC – Tear You Down ft. Alex Ebert (filous Remix)

Or the most listened remix on his acc

Milky Chance – Flashed Junk Mind (filous Remix) by filous

Don’t you agree?

He’s dropped an EP titled Dawn. It’s on his Soundcloud, too. And it’s never wrong to check it out.

For those who need to take a rest from listening Top 40 all day, his Soundcloud page could be the right place to go.

silvia m.


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