As Ridiculous As It Seems, You Must Swallow Some Life Goals

…so they will flow
within the cells of your body and direct your energy.

We all need goals,
simple or complex, both matters. Why?

Let’s just say you
have an appointment at 10 a.m., then  attending it becomes your goal.
In order to be available to attend that appointment, you know you
must wake up earlier, have breakfast at a scheduled time, finish
everything that comes before that. The next day, you don’t have any
scheduled appointment, which means you’re free to do anything for
the whole day. There’s a bigger chance you’ll let your time slip
away -especially if you’re the type of person who just let life
“flows”-, in the end of the day leaving yourself wander where
your time had danced its life away and flown.

Setting a goal makes
us give better decisions and have better ways to figure things out
simply because we know what we want to achieve. We know the output we
want to get.

Impossible goals, or
high dreams, they’re capable of producing laughter,
underestimation, “Don’t be delusional”s, etc. But, we all know,
they also produce the positive vibes, beautiful hopes, creative
forces, and other exciting things. This world develops because some
individuals or groups decide to shape the world based on their
dreams. Many essential inventions came from “silly” dreams,

Doesn’t it excite
you when your friends laugh at your life goals? You should be excited
if they laugh because it means that, as it seems to many people, your
dream isn’t an easy thing to achieve, therefore it’s worth

The good part of
setting life goals is that people don’t matter. No one can limit or
set standards to the goals you want to set. Having a luxurious house
isn’t a great goal for everyone. You can set your life goals to
living the modest life in a simple house yet give tons to people in
need, well, no one can forbid you.

“Oh, come on.
Future, future, five years later, eight years later, there’s still
a long way down there. Why so early?”

How dare you tell me

It’s never too
early to set life goals! Besides, in this advanced life, five years
can feel like twenty-four months. Many people complain how
twenty-four hours aren’t enough now. Search those complains on
Twitter, they exist every day, I bet.

And even if it’s
too early, does it hurt to set awesome goals?

Unlike expecting
from people, not achieving life goals until your last breath won’t
hurt so much because life goals only requires you to harmonize while
expecting from people requires someone else to harmonize with you.

So, instead of
expecting from people, why don’t just set some life goals by
yourself and for yourself? It won’t cause you any harm.

Oh yeah, I almost
forgot, life goals, even if it doesn’t work the way you planned it,
there must be something that leads you to a more exquisite journey
and life lessons, thus the improved skill is in your hands and with
that you can try again to achieve your goals or help people to
achieve theirs.

Eight years
later, I will look back to today and think, “I was 17 when I wrote
this post and made my first vision book. I never regret a thing.
Dear, teen me, thank you for being so delusional. You rock!”

Set your life goals,


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