2017 : Not A New Me!


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Happy New Year!

I don’t make great resolutions this year, I just think things. I don’t plan on becoming “new”, I plan on upgrading.

First step, during NYE, I meditate …and cry a bit because 2016 me was a complete moron.

These are the things that I mused on as the fireworks ignite :

  • Filtered Passions

I remember myself being this ambitious, stone-headed girl (perhaps I still am, but less) wanting big changes in my life in an instant. It’s such a shame for me to never take a deep breath while having time to think. I always wanted to achieve everything without filtering: which are my true passions? which are the things that I want to achieve merely because I want to look great? which are the things that will bring good things to the people around me? Result : None.

Today I’ve begun to filter my passions and I see a pattern : they’re the things that have been in my blood for years, some were just hidden in my thoughts all these years. I’ll just develop these instead of trying to achieve everything.

2017, I finally realize that filtering is important. Something’s gotta give, you know. In the end, we’ll just develop the good things that already settle within our heart. In the end, we can’t have too much in our hand, especially those that we don’t 100% love.

  • Crazy In Love No More

My fellow tweeters have taught me so much about love more than the broken love itself. This year, if Allah allows me to feel love, I hope I act on it the right way, the ways that calm my heart instead of the ways that make me seem obsessive.

I’ve been constantly thinking that unless I’ve taken a good care and done my best for my family and best friends, I shouldn’t love a man because I don’t deserve it yet. If he’s indeed the right person, I hope he’ll teach me how to care more and a little more than I need.

I know, this part might seems a little too religious to some people, and normal to the others. Either way, some will see this part as trying too hard or to conclude it, they’ll say “Blah, fake.” I even thought of deleting it. But, this, this is what I’ve planned to live by. I’ll let my God lead me to true love. I won’t push it, mess it up (I hope I really don’t), or make it an active resource to my long list of sin.

  • “Be A Little Kinder Than You Need To”

This, I hope the world embrace similar quotes. We were all made as a kind human. Sadistic actions, racism, genocide, can’t we all leave it and upgrade?

  • My Appearance Shouldn’t Be Better Than My Deeds

Clear enough…


These things, well, they don’t seem important to you, but to me, these points hold me up to reach my true goals. Therefore, these are my indirect resolutions.

Will you be the ‘new you’ this year?

The amount of users who tweeted ‘New Year, New Me’ were not as many as how it was in the past, at least that’s what I saw in my timeline. People must have it dawned on them that that sentence is total crap.

When we say ‘new’, we must’ve expected something that’s completely different. Meanwhile, we don’t change that way. Writing down our wishes and pushing our self to achieve it right at the beginning of the year would be a shock to our personality and thoughts, wouldn’t it?

So, change gradually. If you fail in the middle of the year, will you wait for another new year to create a new good start? No. New year resolutions shouldn’t be that overrated. Every second, minute, hour, day, you can start again.

If you’re so fed up with all your crappy old wishes and revolutionary resolutions, you should stop making clear resolutions. Why don’t you upgrade your thoughts and start from there? Yes, indirect resolutions. That’s what I tried this January 1st. Let’s hope it works.

Oh, c’mon, don’t be a cynic. We can fall off a cliff and laugh it off. (You wish) Just…be happy.

This song is the definition of fun. …Not literally.


3 thoughts on “2017 : Not A New Me!

  1. Good one cipi, keep it up! Resolutions shouldn’t mean to be put in thr first day of a year. Put it everyday as long as you live.


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