Dropout – Handcrafted To Satisfy

Genre : Dance

Is summer already here? Because the vibe of the season has been felt clearly already. Tropical, relaxing, soothing, all packaged in this one song by Dropout, Handcrafted.

This underrated masterpiece which I and my brother discovered on SoundCloud has successfully lifted up a stressed out college student mind (my mind) and led it to the light just as the intro seduced my ear.

It opens with a classic guitar tune and a shadowy vocal that invites the listener to dig more into their ocean of tune which is colored with catchy lyrics that are cool enough for your Instagram photo captions.

Stop running ’cause I’m not far behind
The shadow of your doubt


Handcrafted but you’re still not enough
Tell yourself, yourself, what you wanna be
You’re a hole that I can fill with love
If you’re on your rails all over me

Those two last lines would be a successful pickup lines.

Composed beautifully, this song had attracted me to check out their other singles. Mr. Trump and Slowly are must-listens although sounds so different from Handcrafted. In fact, different styles of their tracks had me looking forward to hearing them again on my SoundCloud timeline.

Anyway, Handcrafted is perfect to relieve your stress or get you a perfect nap. Put your headphones on and enjoy!



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