[Recommended] The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle


The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills

by Daniel Coyle. 160 pp. Hardcover.

What’s the best way to begin to learn a new skill? Is it by listening to a teacher’s explanation? Reading an instructional book? Just leaping and trying it out?

Self-help books often make us not wanting any help at all. Why is it? Most of them are all about convincing how easy positive thinking is thus the sugar coated words written by the I’ve-been-through-so-many author.

This book is one of those few self-help books that will indeed help its readers into reforming their way of thinking and working. Packed in smart simplicity, and like a guide book (and it really is a guide book), it guides us to once again know the steps we’ve acknowledged long ago and actually give effort to transform them into actions

Who didn’t know that in order to be really good at something, we must practice it daily and focus? Everyone knows, but it’s a wide concept which most people avoid to waste time on. In this book, Daniel helps us understand that concept once again as he divides it into chunks of steps like #1 Stare At Who You Want to Become, #2 Spend Fifteen Minutes a Day Engraving the Skill On Your Brain, etc.

Personally, as someone who thought she didn’t have any talent, my favorite word from this book is Don’t fall for the prodigy myth. Thanks to Daniel Coyle, now I try harder to achieve the talent that I want, because true talent is a result of continuous and committed practicing and this kind of talent beats the best talents that came out from the womb.


He doesn’t only make talent training seems seductive, but he also make it seems very worth trying. Therefore, this book is perfect for everyone who thinks they’re gifted with or without talent.

I don’t think I can stress this more: “This little book must be praised for its simplicity. Everyone must read it.” If you consume it wholeheartedly and commit to practicing its secrets, this book will take you places.

I gave it 4.5 out of 5 for it being simple and comprehensible and for the impact it has on me. Thank you for this book Mr. Daniel Coyle.

Oh, this book also provides further reading section at the back which will suggest you what book to read next if you’re interested in this treasure. Now it’s undeniably one of the best guide book for talent production!


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